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Inakamichi: Visions - Official Movie Website

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See "View the Film" for links to view the film, as well as the trailer.

Welcome to the official website of "Visions", which is officially "E.T.Jones Summer Project 2005". ...and how far we've come in a whole year- "E.T.Jones Summer Project 2004" was pretty much my real start as a serious director, that project being the acclaimed (yet extremely random) fake trailer "A Walk in the Park".
With each film I have the goal of being better than the previous one I directed, and so, I bring you another semi-autobiographical film (the other one being "another walk in the park"), this one about a character who enters the field of filmmaking (E.T.Jones' "1 1/2"?), and I hope you all enjoy it when it is finished and released.

-Back up on YouTube and Vimeo. The YouTube version links to a playlist, while Vimeo is still in three parts (uncut version coming soon), but both look much better in fullscreen mode than the original Google Video upload.
-Removed from YouTube and Vimeo. When they're back on, they'll be in one piece instead of split into 3 parts... the way it should be seen.
-Cleaned up the Production Journal page, with old entries neatly re-arranged in separate pages.
-Now in its entirety on Vimeo. Remember the background hiss that was on Jessica Warner's musical score previously?
I'll adjust the Google Video and YouTube versions accordingly, but on Vimeo, it's gone.
-Since it is now being hosted on Google Video, YouTube AND Vimeo, I found it impractical to post all these links on the front page in big, bold text. Thus, I added the "View the Film" page.
-Added "Contact" page, with selected contact information on myself. Remember, my block button is there, so do be civilized when sending comments.
-The movie is now on YouTube, though split into 3 parts. Links are above, or look up "Inakamichi" there.
-Just a small little update; updated the poster so now it has credits, like a real movie poster. I intend to also create a new poster for "another walk in the park" (
-Well, the wait's finally over. The film's finally here! I've held off release for a bit (reasons explained in recent Production Journal entries), but it's on Google Video for whomever wants to view it.
And, got a gripe about the film, or just want to post your opinion? Well, that's what the forums are for.
If you don't feel like giving a full-fledged review, you can vote in the poll for the film.
Or both.
-After months and months of long, hard work, this film is almost finished. In the meantime, I've also finished the long-overdue trailer, the download link is right below the poster (and right above this list of updates).
-Production Journal continues to be maintained, and the definitive poster is finally up! I might have a trailer cut very soon.
-Screenshots section updated with character profiles. As well, the Production Journal is STILL being updated constantly (and just might be consistently updated even after THIS film is finished).
-Production Journal updated (LONG entry), new snapshot added.
-Check the Production Journal section- it's updated quite often.
-New Screenshots section added, which will be updated occasionally.
-Website opened.
-If filming goes as planned (I plan to shoot this on the week of August 15th), this should be edited and released by late September. (after releasing the Mr.Man production "The Mind") I'll regularly update this site with a "Production Journal" section.

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NOTE: Those kanji characters (as well as the word it means, "Inakamichi") does NOT translate to "Visions"- it does, indeed, mean something, and if you looked it up, you probably wouldn't get it. And don't try to pronounce "Inakamichi", either- just refer to it as "Visions".

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