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This is a page for the summary of the film, as well as character summaries. Later, I will interview the three leads and ask them for comments on their prespectives, compiling them on this page.


Terrence is a practitioner of escapism- he watches a movie every night, provided by his friend Claude. After recieving a mysterious package with a videotape in it (with a note saying it's a birthday present) from a girl named Donna, he's inspired to start making his own movies.



Terrence P. Gunderson (Aniket Das)- Terrence escapes his troubled life by constantly watching movies, at the rate of one every night. (what's troubling him, he won't say) Having a more specified taste in films, he prefers foreign, art-house and independent films since they're more "intelligent". As well, he tends to talk to Claude on the phone to blow off some steam.


Claude R. Welles (Richard Davis) - Claude is Terrence's source for videos, which aren't always obtained by legal means. (often recieves pirated copies from friends or rips off laserdiscs) Unfortunately, his films are running in short supply, and can't really keep up with not only the pace of Terrence's viewing habits, but his taste in movies. He has skills in video editing and tends to understand the technical side of the filmmaking process. Claude tends to prefer a gross-out comedy or a mindless action flick.


Donna Plummer (Jessica Warner) - Donna watches a lot of movies, and is another frequent "customer" of Claude's- second only to Terrence. She mails Terrence a package containing a mysterious foreign film which inspires him to start making his own. She likes to watch movies for the fun of it, writes for the school newspaper, and has a more positive outlook on life.

CREDITS (as of 2006/01/11)-
Aniket Das- Terrence P. Gunderson
Richard Davis- Claude R. Welles
Jessica Warner- Donna Plummer
Timothy Yung- Timothy
Philipe Arquie- Philipe
Alex Lin- Alex
Evan Pu- Evan
Kevin Johnson- Kevin
Sean Carpenter
Devyn Tamblyn
Composer- Alan Saunders (song "The Day We Adopted a Cat")
Composer- Jessica Warner (original piece)
Cinematography- Eric T. Jones
Cinematography- Aniket Das (mini-movies)
Cinematography- Richard Davis (mini-movies)
Editor- Eric T. Jones
Writer- Eric T. Jones
Director- Eric T. Jones

Quoted passages from actors may be posted in the near-future.

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